Sankhalaghu Unnayan Prakalpa (erstwhile MSDP)

Scheme Type:

Infrastructural development scheme especially in the field of education, heath and Skill development. Presently, it is being implemented in 158 minority concentrated blocks(MCB), 15 minority concentrated towns and 10 minority concentrated district headquarters.


To improve socio-economic condition of Minorities and provide basic amenities to them for improving quality of life and reducing infrastructure imbalances in identified minority concentrated areas.

Quantum of Assistance:

Based on the nature of schemes. The cost is shared by the Centre and State.

Method of Implementation:

The proposals are submitted by the District Magistrates in consultation with DLCMA (District Level Committee on Minority Affairs) to the Department of Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education. The Projects are then forwarded to Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA), Government of India. The projects are finally approved by the Empowered Committee formed by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

Eligibility Criteria:
When and Where to Apply:
Nodal Organisation:
District Officer- Minority Affairs