Construction of Boundary wall surrounding public Graveyard/etc….

Scheme Type:

Grant for construction of boundary walls for the above mentioned purpose. The scheme also includes Construction of gate. wazu khana. water source and toilet blocks etc.


To provide financial assistance for construction of boundary walls around public graveyard, mosque,idgah and mazar used by public with a view to safeguard religious and prevent encroachment and trespassing.

Quantum of Assistance:

As per actual on the basis of a model estimate prepared by MA & ME development.

Method of Implementation:
Eligibility Criteria:

The land in question must be a graveyard/mosque/idgah/mazar used by public.
The land should be free from all encumbrances.

When and Where to Apply:

Application can be made online through out the year through the portal

Nodal Organisation:
Minorities Development & Welfare (MDW)