Construction and maintenance of Hostels for Minority Students

Scheme Type:

Infrastructural Development for construction of hostel buildings to be run either by Board of Auqaf (BOA) or recognized Educational Institutions.


There is a growing interest to pursue higher studies among the minority students after introduction of scholarship and various schemes of Government for promoting education. The availability of hostels in and around reputed schools and colleges would widen the access of minority students to such institutions.

Quantum of Assistance:

As per model estimate.Presently RS.546.66 lakh

Method of Implementation:
Eligibility Criteria:

For Hostels to be run by Boarcl of Auqaf:
Land must be located in Kolkata, District Headquarters or in any
other important town having higher education facilities.
Land must be free from all encumbrances.
Land should be formally transferred in favour of MA & ME Deptt. For Hostels run by recognized educational institutions
The institution must possess the land required for construction
Must have sufficient no.of minority students.
The institution must undertake to run, maintain and to take care
of the hostel and inmates.

When and Where to Apply:

Department of Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education through the concerned
District Magistrate I District Officer, Minority Affairs.

Nodal Organisation:
District Officer- Minority Affairs