West Bengal Urdu Academy

The aims and objectives of the Academy is :

  • To promote, advance and encourage the study of Urdu Language and Literature in the state.
  • To advise and assist the state Government in the formulation and implementation of its policies toward promotion, propagation and development of Urdu.
  • Publication of Scholarly works in Urdu on various topics. The Academy promotes the study of the Urdu language and literature by various interventions which include providing support to students of Urdu medium schools by way of Scholarships, Book Grants and tuitions at the Free Coaching Centres, publishing literary books, reprinting important and rare books, organising literary and cultural events. The activities of the Academy involve holding book exhibitions, poetry recitations (mushaira), plays, symposium, workshops, language training classes to promote and to encourage development of Urdu.
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Major Functions

Free Private Tuition

Free tuition classes for school students from classes VI – XII.

Free Coaching For Competitive Exams

Coaching for WBCS(Exe) etc. 51 out of 150 candidates have been qualified for mains exams 2019

Promotion of Urdu Language and Literature

Organizing literary seminars, workshops and cultural events

Scholarships & Book Grants

For Meritorious students having Urdu as one of their subjects

Publication of Books & Journals

Urdu Books & Journals are published

Language Classes

Conducting Urdu, Arabic and Bengali language classes.

Our Schemes


Scholarship by West Bengal Urdu Academy for students of Urdu Medium Schools

To encourage Urdu medium students to pursue further studies and to prevent drop out.


Scholarship by West Bengal Urdu Academy for Students of Urdu Medium Schools

To encourage Urdu medium students to pursue further studies and to prevent dropout


Schemes for promotion of Urdu Language of West Bengal Urdu Academy

Broad objective of the scheme
To promote Urdu literature and to assist authors and poets of the Urdu Language in publication of their works.
Promotion of Urdu Literature
To encourage authors, writers and poets in creating good literature
To help first generation learners of secondary and higher secondary schools with their studies
To teach Bengali language to Urdu medium students
To promote classical languages
To develop communication skills of Urdu medium students and improve their employability
To promote Urdu publications

sample scheme

sample scheme


Book Grant by West Bengal Urdu Academy for Urdu Medium Students

To encourage students of Urdu medium schools to continue their higher studies with a broader objective of promotion of Urdu Language

Our Achievements

    • This year a total of 310 students obtained 1st Division, 577 obtained 2nd Division and 413 obtained 3rd out of 1380 students in Madhyamik 2019 while in Higher Secondary 234 students obtained 1st Division, 184 obtained 2nd Division and 49 obtained 3rd Division out of 518 students.
    • WBCS(Exe) etc Exam coaching is being conducted since 2015. Successful candidates are as follows

Gr. A – 1
Gr. B – 2
Gr. D – 1

Gr. C – 2
Gr. D – 1

Gr. A – 2

2016 – 3

Contact Us

Nodal Officers:

  • Neyazul Haque :9433983081
  • Shaukat Ali :8420331065



Sajid Hossain