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The Board of Wakfs, W.B. is constituted as per provision of section 14 of the Wakf Act, 1995(as amended) re-filling the Wakf Act’1934. With the guidance of Waqf Auqaf Act’1995, Board of Auqaf, W.B. is the management, control, and superintendence of the enrolled waqf estates and registration of un-enrolled waqf properties.

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Major Functions

To appoint and renew the Mutawalliship matter of the Wakf Estate. It also gives direction regarding mutation of Wakf properties and amendment of Wakf register.

To develop the Wakf Properties for the interest of the Wakf Estate and to take action for removal of encroachment and recovery of Wakf Properties.

Regarding the management and administration of the 14 Hostels. It also is in the charge of preparing the Hostel Management Rules of the Board. It also takes decision for distribution of stipend to poor and meritorious students including general category and wards of Imam, Muezzin and beneficiaries out of corpus fund developed for this purpose.

To take decision regarding the management, development and induction as well as renewal of tenancy of Wakf Estates (being no-109) under Direct management of the Board assumed u/s 65(1) of the Waqf Act’1995.

To oversee and take decision in the litigation matter of the Wakf Properties at the Hon’ble Supreme Court, Hon’ble High Court, Ld. District Court & Ld. Wakf Tribunal.

To oversee the Finance and Accounts matter of the Board with sanction of Annual Budget and extending Financial support to the ongoing programs.

To recruit of staff of the Board. It also is in the charge of preparing the Recruitment Rules of the Board.

Our Schemes

No Schemes Under This Organisation

Our Achievements

The Board of Wakf, West Bengal has taken steps for better and more organized administration of wakfs in the State in recent years. Some of the very important ones are as follows:-
1. Augmentation of Income from big properties:- Cases of valuable Wakf properties were taken up in the right earnest and the issues have been resolved, giving a boost to the income of the Wakf Estate and Wakf fund.
Prince Gholam Mohd. W/E E.C.-4775, D.C.-2830P Md. Anwar Ali Shah, 89, Chetla Rd., Kol.-53.
a) Shaw Wallace Building at 4&5, Banshall St., Kolkata:-
As per compromise settlement in 2008 M/S Shaw Wallace Company Pvt. Ltd. is paying at present Rs.6,00,000/- per month to the Wakf Estate. A lump sum of Rs. One crore as one time contribution was finalized and paid at the time of execution of settlement. Earlier they used to pay Rs. 32,000/- per month.
b) Royal Calcutta Golf Club:-
As per compromise settlement, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata is paying Rs.1,00,000/- per month as rent to the Wakf Estate and have paid a lump sum donation of Rs.38,00,000/- . The settlement has already been executed.
c) Tollygunge Club:-
Tollygunge Club, measuring about 305 bighas of land. The properties had been leased out by the then mutawalli to Tollygunge Club. Now as per the order of Hon’ble High Court,Calcutta it has been settled at a monthly rent of Rs 1,00,000/- and one time donation of Rs. 32,00,000/- and the settlement agreement has been recently executed.
1.2. DEVELOPMENT OF WAKF PROPERTIES: The Board of Wakf has taken up developmental works in a big way. Some of the important ones are as follows:-
A. Construction of A. K. Fazlul Haque Working Women’ Hostel at Dilkhusa Street, Kolkata-17 :- The work of G + 3 storied building with an estimated
cost of Rs1.34 crore (approx.) has already been started and at present, the structural work up to 3rd floor of the building has been completed. P.W (C.B.) Dte. is the Executing Agency. An amount of Rs. 95 lakhs has been expended. The further finishing work will be taken very soon by the Agency. The hostel has seat capacity of 70.

B. Industrial Training Institute at Somnath Lahiri Road, Kolkata-53:- The Plan and Estimate with an amount of Rs. 70, 89, 820/- has been completed. The total allocation for this purpose has been received form the Govt. P.W (C.B.) Dte. is the executing department. Due to local disturbance the construction work can not be started.
C. Construction of Boo Ali Muslim Boys Hostel –Cum- Empowerment Centre:-
The construction work of the building with an estimated cost of Rs 8.55 crores has already started in October, 2009 .Block- A has been completed. An amount of Rs 2.70 crores has already been paid to the executive agency.. M/S Mackintosh Burn Ltd. is the Implementing Agency. The further construction is going on. The hostel has seat capacity of 303 students. Block ‘A’ has been Inauguration by Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal, MAMATA BENERJEE on1ST March 2014 in presence of Hon’ble Chairperson, Board of Wakfs, W.B.
D. Renovation of Pir Gorachand Wakf Estate at Dum Dum: The Mazar and surrounding areas have been renovated with an expenditure of Rs 6.5 lakhs.
E. Development Works at Ghutiary Sharif Wakf Estate: Many developmental Works have been taken up in the Wakf Estate. It includes the repair of Mecca Pukur, construction of charitable dispensary and running of an ambulance on no profit no loss basis. The work of construction of Charitable dispensary therein with an estimated amount of Rs. 11, 92, 701/- has already been started and brick work up to the bottom of slab has been completed. Though at present the construction is stalled because of the local people resistance. The Ambulance has been donated to the Mazar Committee which is running smoothly for which it was donated.
F. Construction of two storied Masjid at Noor Bibi Wakf Estate, E.C. No.- 1928:- The construction work has been taken up by the Board of Wakfs, W.B. for social and religious purposes at Kolkata. The said construction work has got approval from the Board of Wakfs, West Bengal with an amount of Rs. 13,95,691. The work will be started very shortly after getting required permission from K.M.C.
G. Repair & Renovation of Muslim Girls Hostel at 43, Dilkhusa Street, Kolkata:- The Structural / Civil work and S & P work of the said Hostel with anestimated amount of Rs. 9,66,524/- (for Structural / Civil work) & Rs. 9,67,056/- (for S & P work) , thus totaling an amount of Rs. 19, 33, 580/- has been taken up by the Board of Wakfs, W.B. for better accommodation and amenities of the boarders . The above work has been completed.
In this connection a further amount of i) Rs. 7,25,000/- for Burdwan Muslim Girls Hostel, ii) Rs. 15,30,997/- for Berhampore Muslim Girls Hostel, iii) Rs. 9,06,534/- for Midnapore Muslim Girls Hostel has been sub-allotted to respective Hostel Committee from Board of Wakfs, W.B. for repair and renovation work of the aforesaid Hostels. The renovation work has been completed.
H. Construction of Boundary wall at Haji Sk. Rahim Box Wakf Estate, E.C. No.- 11766 (Waisi Memorial):- The construction of boundary wall of the said Wakf Estate with an estimated amount of Rs. 16,44,714/-has been taken up by the Board of Wakfs, W.B. for renovation and protection of Wakf Estate. The construction work started in the month of October, 2009 and the same is at present held up because of the local problem. An amount of Rs. 8,12,581.00 has been expended for this purpose.
I. Construction for the development of the Wakf Property at premises no. 4 & 5, St. Georges Gate Road, Kolkata:- The Board of Wakfs, W.B. has made an agreement with Gloria Builders for the development & renovation of the said Wakf Estate with certain terms & conditions. Such innovative developments will fetch more income to Board of Wakfs, W.B. as well as uplift the structural condition of the Wakf Estate.
J. Development of Nazimunnessa Begum Wakf Estate vide E.C. No. 3776 at 45, Beniapukur Road, Kolkata- 14:- The matter is within the active consideration of the Board of Wakfs, W.B. Due process is being observed. Preliminary steps have been taken to proceed & permission for development of the said premises has been accorded by the Board of Wakfs, W.B. The Developer has submitted the Building Sanction Plan to KMC. The development of the premises will be beneficial to many ways.

K. Development of Zainab Bai Haji Joosub Wakf Estate vide E.C. No.- 4983 at 4C, Aucland Square, Kolkata- 17:- The matter is within the active consideration of the Board of Wakfs, W.B. Due process is being observed. A preliminary hearing with the tenants have been undertaken to getting the NOC. The Board of Wakfs, W.B. has given permission to develop the premises, E.O.I has been called from intending parties & it has been settled now.
2. Creation of corpus fund of Rs. One crore for stipend:- The Board of Wakfs, W.B. has created a corpus fund of Rs one crore for the purpose with a grant of Rs 50 lakh from the State Govt and 50 lakh from its own resources. The Board will provide stipend to the tune of Rs 10 Lakh annually with preference to the wards of Imam and Moezzins. In the year 2010-11 an amount of Rs. 7,00,000/- has been distributed among the words of wards of Imam, Muezzin, Beneficiaries (200 nos. ). In the year 2011-12 an amount of Rs. 9,53,000/- has been distributed among the 271 no. of students. Insent 2012-13 & 2013-14 also.
3. Orientation Imam, Muazzins & Mutwallis:- The Board of Wakf ,West Bengal has also taken the initiative in organizing orientation programmes for Imams who play a pivotal role in the formation of Muslim society. Such orientation / awareness programs have been organized in 12 districts till date.
4. Sanction of 128 posts for 10 Hostels under the management of Board of Wakf :- The Board of Wakfs, W.B. managing 10 Muslim Girls Hostel in Kolkata and District/ Sub Divisional head Qtrs. More than 1000 boarders are residing in this hostel. The state Government has sanctioned 128 no. of posts for better management of hostel. At present, the Recruitment Rules and Regulation is in process in respect of the hostels employees. 31 no. of employees having more than 10 years experience have been regularized in the year 2012-13.
5. Computerization of the Office of the Wakf Board:-Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India has taken initiative to computerize the Board of Wakf in a innovative and systematic way with the help of NIC. At present, the required no. of accessories relating to e-readiness system have been procured by the Board of Wakfs, West Bengal and the C.C.F. area for this purpose has been completed in all respect.
The main working will revolve to track the:
i) Registration of Wakf Properties.
ii) Court cases.
iii) Development & Encroachment
iv) Digitization of Wakf Records.
With introduction of computerized process in the Wakf Board the system will be helpful in keeping and supplying the wakf records in a systematic and user-friendly way. It will also be helpful to public at large. Initially, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India has sanctioned Rs. 27.10 lakh for this purpose and an amount of Rs. 20, 86, 052/- has been utilized. The proposal has been sent to Govt. for re-inforcement of the I.T. System of the Board of Wakfs, W.B.
6. Audit of Wakf Estates by Audit firms: – The Board of Wakfs, W.B. has taken up Audit of Wakf Estates by the C.A. firms in accordance within the provision of the Wakf Act, 1995 and this attempt of Board of Wakfs, W.B. is unique in nature that the Chattered Accounts firm is being utilized for the audit purpose for the first time in the history of Wakf in the State.
7. Hair & Skin Care Beautician Course: The Board of Wakfs, W.B. has been running the Hair & Skin Care Beautician Course of six month duration with the financial help of C.W.C. under the affiliation of West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. It was introduced in the year 2008. Every session has 20 number seat capacities. The course has immensely helped the Muslim female youth for their self-employment.

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