Scheme for infrastructural support to reputed NGOs running educational projects for the Development & Welfare of Minorities


Government of West Bengal

Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department

Writers Buildings, Kolkata – 700001

Scheme for infrastructural support to reputed NGOs running educational projects for the Development & Welfare of Minorities

(Issued vide G.O. No. 337 – MD/O/15M – 8/07 dated the 10th March, 2010)

1)      Background:

      The Government of West Bengal is committed to the accelerated development of the minorities with a view to uplifting their socio-economic and educational status.  Pursuant to this commitment, several innovative schemes have already been taken up by this department.  Many reputed Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are also running educational projects for the welfare of minorities.  If such NGOs are supported by the State to help augment the basic infrastructure, their effectiveness and reach in the field of education, skill development and health awareness, will increase a lot.

2)     Objective:


The objective of the scheme is to provide financial support to the NGOs to enable them to enhance and modernize their existing infrastructure and intake capacity.

     3)  Amount and purposes of grant:

      The amount of financial assistance provided for one activity/project/scheme at a particular location by an NGO shall not ordinarily exceed Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakh only). No NGO shall be eligible for more than one grant in one financial year except in cases where an NGO works at more than one location. The purpose of the grant shall ordinarily be restricted to development of infrastructure like rooms for use of teaching or imparting job-oriented skill development/training, medical consultation, patient’s waiting rooms, laboratories, hostels, library rooms, drinking water and toilet facility, purchase of library books, laboratory equipments, medical equipments, furniture & equipments for use in Vocational/Technical training or skill development, etc. Assistance for operational cost can also be considered for innovative projects by promising NGOs. The fund will be placed with the District Magistrates for disbursement to the NGOs/Organizations.

     4) Eligibility Criteria: 

a)     The NGO should be registered as a Trust/Society/Company with the appropriate registering authority.

b)     The NGO must have at least 3 (three) years’ experience in implementing successfully Minority related projects on Education, Health and Skill Development.

c)      The NGO must have a minimum administrative infrastructure of its own to run the project.

d)     The NGO must be economically viable to run the project they are implementing.

e)     The project or unit benefiting must be located in the vicinity of the habitation of minority people, so that the majority of the beneficiaries of the scheme are from the minority communities.

f)       The NGO shall not have any commercial motive in running any of the projects.

5)    A.  Location and land (in case of construction of hostels):


i)       The land selected for the purpose of construction of hostel must be free from all encumbrances and located in communicable places and in the headquarter town or any other important town within a district having better education facilities for the students.  While proposal is initiated, the authority should identify all such educational institutions stating distance from the proposed site with available mode of conveyance.

ii)    The plot of land selected shall be spacious enough for construction of one or more buildings in phase upto four-stories with accommodation facilities for 100 (one hundred) inmates .

iii) The selected site shall be in legal possession of the NGO itself.

a)          Preparation of Scheme and Manner of Submission (in case of construction of hostels etc.):

i)       The scheme on each site shall be so drawn up that it can provide accommodation upto 60 (sixty) inmates in the first phase with provision for future extension to accommodate total 100 (one hundred) inmates.  Larger capacity hostel could be considered, where necessary, with proper justification. Boundary wall may also be included in the plan & estimate.

ii)    The scheme shall be prepared and submitted by the NGO concerned  alongwith detailed particulars of the land, site plan, plan and estimates as per prevailing PWD schedule, by a Competent Technical Officer of the State Government/ Local Body.  While drawing up the scheme the authority should adhere to the policy t hat  the  plan  of  the  building  is

prepared so that reasonable minimum expenditure incurred to accommodate maximum inmates.

iii)  That complete proposal with all relevant documents and necessary information shall be sent through the District Magistrate concerned who would countersign the plan and the estimate and a report in the format given in Annexure-I.

iv)   While recommending the proposal the District Magistrate should give his observation as to the reputation and performance of the NGO.

6)  Procedure:

b)          Application should be made in prescribed format given in Annexure – II and submitted to the Director, Minorities’ Development & Welfare with the following documents.

  1. Attested copy of all documents relating to registration, objectives, by laws, governing body along with audited annual accounts for last two (2) years.

  1. Copy of the last annual return submitted to the registering authority along with a copy of money receipt issued by the registering authority.

  1. If running, project is to be funded :  Highlights of last two years performance and achievement.  If new project/ scheme, experience in operating similar schemes, and highlights of major schemes over past two years.

  1. Details of the project for which funding is sought.

  1. Estimate of the work for which grant is prayed for.  The sources of own fund – amounting to 10% of total estimated cost should be indicated.

  1. Time schedule showing progress of project and funds required.

  1. Copy of statement of Bank Account for last six months.

  1. Any other credential of appreciation or document that is relevant.


B)  The Director, MDW will examine the proposal and if necessary make a local enquiry and submit the same with his observations to the Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department.

7) Funding pattern and utilization:

a)     Funding will be made in participatory mode.  At least 10% of the estimated cost of the work for which grant is prayed for should be borne by the NGO and remaining 90% will be provided by the Department subject to availability of fund. The sanctioned amount will be provided in two or more equal installments.

b)     Before the sanctioned amount is released the NGO should produce evidence of availability of 2.5% of the estimated cost, and indicate sources of remaining 7.5% of its own contribution.

c)      The assistance extended by the Minority Affairs Department will take the form of a 5 (five) year cumulative loan with the physical assets created out of the assistance as guarantee.  After five years of operating of the hostels/projects, the Department will convert the loan to grant by writing it off.  On the other hand, if the NGO winds up the project funded, and shifts the funds to a non-minority concentrated area, repayment of the loan will be sought.  This will effectively tie the funds to minority-concentrated areas failing which the department will take over the hostel/project and handover the same to the Board of Wakfs, W.B. / other NGO for running the hostel/project.  The NGO will have to sign an agreement before the fund is released to them.

d)     Copies of utilization certificate should be submitted with audited annual accounts of the concerned year to the Director, Minorities Development & Welfare by the end of April of the next financial year through the concerned District Magistrate/DOMA.

e)     Photographs of the assets created duly authenticated by the NGO should be submitted with the utilization certificate.

c)           Execution of the scheme/project:

i)       The scheme shall be executed by the NGO adhering to the approved plan and estimates.  In case the Executing Agency feels that changes in the plan and estimates are required considering the ground realities prior approval of this department should be obtained before taking up the scheme.

d)          After proper utilization of the fund released, the executing NGO shall submit utilization certificate and submit requisition for the next installment through the District Magistrate. On being satisfied Govt. Will release the next installment.

e)          A certificate of utilization of total fund received along with a completion report shall be submitted to this department by the executing agency through the District Magistrate within three months from the date of allotment of last installment of fund.

iv) Construction work must, in all respect, be completed within the same financial year except in unforeseen circumstances. District Level Officers concerned and the State Level Officers of the MA & ME Department shall monitor the executions periodically.

v) After completion of the construction/acquisition of the asset it should be put into use within a month with intimation to the sanctioning authority.

9)         Sanctioning of grant:

f)            Applications will be properly scrutinized by the Director, MDW particularly with respect to experience and credibility of the NGO.  A list of selected NGOs with amounts of grant will be finalized by a Committee headed by the Principal Secretary/ Secretary, MA & ME Deptt. With Director, MDW as convener.  The committee will have an eminent person working for the welfare of minorities and an officer from the Finance Deptt. As Members.

b)     List of selected NGOs will be prepared on the basis of accredited performance and their functioning in the minority concentrated areas and availability of fund as observed by the Director, MDW.

c)      The MA & ME Deptt. Reserves the write to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereof.

d)     After the sanction is made, the amount will be allotted through the Director, MDW for those NGOs which are functioning in Kolkata Municipal Corporation area while  allotment of fund to NGOs in the districts will be made through the respective District Magistrate/DOMA or the Managing Director, West Bengal Minorities’ Development and Finance Corporation.

e) NGOs will, after completion of work, submit utilization certificate to the DDO who will transmit the same to the Director, MDW.

g)          Review & Monitoring:

a)     Progress of utilization and the performance of the NGO will be reviewed by the District Level Committee for Minority Affairs (DLCMA) already constituted.

b)     For Kolkata Director, MDW will review the progress from time to time.

c)      The District Officer for Minority Affairs (DOMA) will monitor utilization of the grant for benefit of the target group in the district.

d)     NGOs will submit to the Director, MDW every year the details of students, candidates, beneficiaries admitted and of those who completed the coaching / training courses.


e)     The Rural and urban local bodies shall be kept informed of the NGOs working there under their jurisdiction so that they can oversee the implementation of the project and thus avoid duplication in regard to allocation of funds.

h)         Eligibility criteria for hostel inmates (in case of hostels):

i)       Accommodation facilities in the hostel building shall be provided only to the Minority students.

ii)    Subject to directions issued from time to time by the State Government the NGO concerned shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration and maintenance of the hostel through a local committee to be constituted in consultation with the District Magistrate.

iii)  The charges payable by each of the students and their eligibility shall be determined by the NGO in consultation with the District Magistrate.

A N NE X U R E – I

 (Statement to be furnished in case of construction of hostels/additional class room/library room etc.)


1.     Name of the proposed scheme                                                                              :


  1. 2.      Name of Mouza/Town where the hostel/laboratory/library/class

room will be located                                                                                                   :


3.    Total minority population in the District/Sub-Division                       :


4.    Percentage of minority population in the District/Sub-Division    :


5.    Proposed number of inmates to be provided accommodation

        in the hostel                                                                                                                     :

6)   Land Particulars                                                                                                          :

                        a)            If Rayati/NGO’s Land                                                                     :

i)                    Number & date of deed of gift registered in favour

of the Minorities’ Affairs & Madrasah Education

Department                                                                                       :

ii)            Quantum of land transferred                                                       :

b)            If Govt. Vested land                                                                        :

ii)                  Order number and date of transfer in favour of

Minorities’ Affairs & Madrasah Education

Department                                                                                       :

ii)            Quantum of land transferred                                                       :

i)             No. Of Education Institutions available for the inmates

          within  safe distance from the proposed hostel with name,

          mode of conveyance and distance from the proposed hostel                        :

8)   Plan & Estimate-

        i)             Prepared by (Name & Designation)                                                          :

        ii)            Vetted by (Name & Designation)                                                                               :

        iii)          Plinth area                                                                                                          :

        iv)           Number of stories                                                                                            :

        v)            Number of rooms                                                                                             :

        iv)           Total amount                                                                                                     :


9)  A)  i) If the NGO is financially viable to run the project at present and in future :

             ii) If there is any other NGO running similar projects in the district? If so, the names of the NGOs :

              B) Observation of the Recommending Officer :

Certified that the Plan and Estimate has been prepared following current PWD Schedule and efforts have been made to incur minimum expenditure per inmate in the construction of the hostel following PWD norms.  The NGO concerned is a reputed organization and is rendering commendable work for the educational upliftment of the Minority.  The proposed project is recommended.

_________________                                                 ________________

Signature of the Secretary/                                              Signature of  ADM/DOMA/

   President of the NGO                                               Authorized Officer(in case of Kolkata)


                   Countersignature  District Magistrate/Municipal Commissioner(in case of Kolkata)


A N N E X U R E – II


  1. 1.                  PARTICULARS ABOUT ORGANISATION                             

            i)          Name of Implementing Agency/Organisation       :

            ii)         Address (With pin code)                                           :

            iii)        Registration No / Date of Registration                    :

            iv)        Telephone No. (With STD code)                              :

                        Fax No.                                                                       :

                        E- mail address                                                         :

            v)         Financial Status (last three years)                           :


Financial Year




            vi)        Organisation’s Objectives                                         :

            vii)       Source of own Fund                                                  :

viii)           List of Executive Committee Members with their

            Designation and contact address/phone no. (2/3 of

             whom Should preferably from the minorities        :

2.         PROJECT DETAILS                                 


i)          Target Group                                                              :

ii)         Name of Project                                                         :

iii)        New or Ongoing Project                                            :

iv)        Location of Project                                                     :

i)                   A detailed project report should be attached giving

                        details of target group

            vi)        Approximate minority population benefited           :

ii)                 Nature of scheme:

                          Education / Skill Development / Health               :

iii)               Duration of Course (if educational or skill

                          development scheme                                              :

  1. 3.                 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE

i)                   Total cost-estimate (in case of construction works,

The plan estimate should be as per PWD schedule

And vetted by appropriate authority)                                   :

ii)         Contribution of the NGO                                                       :

iii)        Amount of assistance sought                                               :

4.        DOCUMENT TO BE ENCLOSED (as required in the procedure section of the scheme   guidelines)                                                                                               






5.         OTHER INFORMATION (if any)                                     :




Signature of the President / Secretary

                                                                                                                      of the NGO with official seal






      Certified that the NGO is financially sound to run the project at present and in future.    There is no NGO/ other NGO/NGOs namely_________________________ is/are running similar projects with financial support of the Government in the district.  The NGO has conducted training of_______ nos. Of trainees on similar courses and other NGOs have conducted training of ______ nos. Of trainees in the district.  The NGO concerned is a reputed organization and is rendering commendable work for the educational upliftment of the Minority.  The proposed project is recommended.




Signature of the Municipal Commissioner /   ADM(Minority)/DOMA (for Kolkata)