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No. 1659-MD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dated: 07.12.2009



Subject: Revised Guidelines of the Scheme for protection of Public Graveyards/

              Mosque/Idgah/Mazar used   by  Minority Community


The State Government is committed to safeguard religious sentiments of the minority communities, and therefore would endeavour to prevent encroachment and trespassing on public graveyards of the minority communities. For this, a scheme for construction of boundary walls for the burial grounds and graveyards has been in operation for many years. From various corners it has been demanded at times that the same provision for the protection should be extended in the case of Mosques, Idgahs and Mazars. The matter was under active consideration of the State Government from some time past. Considering the urgency of the matter, the guidelines are hereby revised as under.


The State Government would provide financial assistance for construction of boundary walls around public graveyards/private graveyard, Mosque, Idgah and Mazar used by the public with a view to safeguard religious sentiments and prevent encroachment and trespassing. Priority shall be given to those  where there is immediate possibility of encroachment or misuse. In doing so, possibility of getting financing support from the community and other sources would be explored.

Procedure of preparation of proposal

i)  The Managing Committee of the graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar or the Local Body concerned shall assess the need for construction of boundary wall and cause the plan and estimate to be prepared by a competent technical professional.

ii)    The estimate must be as per current PWD schedule and shall be vetted by a competent engineer of Zilla Parishad / P & AR Department / Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department

iii)   Only 2 percent contingency may be allowed in the cost of estimate which meets the administrative cost of implementation of the scheme.

iv)   Cost of only construction of boundary wall / fencing and no ancillary work like room etc. Will be allowed.

v)     A site plan has to be prepared and annexed to the proposal.

vi)    The proposal should include a report stating the perimeter of the boundary of graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar, the length cover in the present proposal, nature of construction per unit cost and the period of implementation.

vii)               The land in question must be a graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar used by public. A certificate to this effect from concerned BL & LRO /Block Development Officer/District Officer (Minority Affairs)/SDO must accompany the proposal.

viii)            The scheme should be recommended by the District Magistrate / District Officer for Minority Affairs and sent to the Secretary, Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department.



Administrative approval & sanction of fund :

i)  Director, MDW will process the proposals for consideration of the Departmental Approval Committee.

ii)  After the schemes are approved by the Department approval Committee (DAC) of this Department shall communicate administrative approval and sanction of fund to the executing authority as quickly as possible.

iii)  Copy of sanction order will be endorsed to the PRI bodies, the District Magistrate, the District Officer for Minority Affairs and M.C of the graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar.

iv)   First installment shall be 50 percent of the total cost and the rest will be released after getting utilization certificate of the earlier sanctioned amount and on receipt of physical and financial progress report that 50 percent of work has been done..

Execution of the scheme

i)   Zilla Parishad/Local Body concerned shall be authorized to execute the scheme. Depending upon the project cost they may entrust any authority under their supervision to execute the scheme.

ii)  Quarterly progress report will be sent by the executing agency to the Director, MDW who will compile the same and place before the Secretary, MA & ME Department.

iii)   A sign-board displaying name of the department, amount sanctioned and the dates of starting works and of completion thereof shall be fixed on the boundary wall at the end of execution.

iv)  On completion of works utilization certificate along with a photograph of the boundary wall showing the displaying sign-board shall be sent by the District Authority to the Director, MDW.

Monitoring & Supervision

i)    The District Magistrate shall cause proper supervision of execution of the scheme through the officers under his control.

ii)   The progress of execution of the scheme shall be monitored by the District Magistrate in the District Minority Welfare Committee periodically and send copies of minutes of such monitoring to the Director, MDW.

iii) The Director, MDW and the Executive Engineer of Minorities Affairs & M.E Department will visit the districts from time to time to ascertain status of implementation.

The above guidelines will take immediate effect.

This issues with the occurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.,O. No. Group E 182 dt. 19.08.2009.



                                                            Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

 Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department



Government of West Bengal

Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department

Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700001

Application Format for Sanction of Scheme for construction of Boundary Wall around graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar.

1. (a)       Name & address of the applicant                                      :

                (Secretary/member of the Managing

                Committee of the graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar)

   (b)        Contact Phone Number                                                      :

2.Name of the Graveyard/Mosque/Idgah/Mazar                        :

3.             Location of the graveyard                                                  :

                                                                            Plot No.                      :

                                                                            Kh. No.                      :

                                                                            Mouza                        :

                                                                            J.L. No.                        :

                                                                            P.S.                              :

                                                                            District                       :

4.             Population of minority community                                   :

                (Muslim/Christian) of the locality

                that uses the graveyard.

5.             Whether the Land is used by public as graveyard        :

                /mosque/Idgah/Mazar (attach BL & LRO


6.             If plan & estimate have been attached                          :

                (as per current PWD Schedule) with

                proper vetting.

7.             Whether the estimate has been prepared                     :

as per current PWD Schedule (a certificate

from competent authority should be


8.             If Site-Plan has been given                                                 :

9.             Total length of the boundary wall                                     :

10.          Total project cost as per estimate                                     :

11.          If ancillary item is included, state                                      :

                the nature and justification.

12.          Expected time period for construction                               :

13.          Proposed implementing agency                                          :



signature of the Secretary of the Managing Committee

                                                                                                                     of the graveyard.

Recommendation of the DM/DO(MA)



Signature of the DM / DO (MA)