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Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education Department [ renamed from Minority Development and Welfare Department vide Home (C&E) Department Notification No. 42-Home (Cons.)/R2R(Cons.)-4/2007, dated 18.02.2008] has been created in 1996 with the sole aim to cater to the aspirations of the Minorities of the State, specially in the field of Development and Welfare. Originated from the ‘Minority Cell’ of Political Branch of Home Department, the Minority Development & Welfare Dept. started functioning as a full fledged Department by amending the Rules of Business vide Home(C&E) Department Notification No. 705-Home (Cons.), dated 30.05.1996.

The Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department (MAMED) [formerly the Minorities Development and Welfare Department] is catering to the specific needs and aspirations of the large minority community in the State. The Department works for the development and welfare of minorities, thereby ensuring the protection of rights and providing opportunities for growth.

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